the clever way of sourcing. 

Your direct sourcing platform for private label and merchandise products


Having full transparency on your procurement process is vital for your sourcing success. With procurefox you are always on top of potential risks so you can react immediately when something occurs.


Keep all your information and communication with your suppliers and service providers at one place and quit searching for the right email in you mailbox. We provide an intuitive platform with all necessary information. 


Our web based technology will store all your valuable informations and prevent the intervention from outside, while allowing a one stop communication with your suppliers and partners. 


Concentrate on your core business and we cover all activities that you cannot focus on. We connect you with your perfect supplier and all necessary partners. Leverage our profound knowledge of international sourcing markets, with more than 60 years of trading experience.

We take out the middle man 

and let you concentrate on 

product ideas and marketing !

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